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to the website of the monitoring system for the early child development screening in Berlin.

The regional government of Berlin established this service as a part of a package to promote the protection, welfare and health of children in Berlin.

Every child deserves and needs a good start into life and good health is a major component in this “good start”. German law has established a series of preventive examinations for children (U1 – U9) to help early detection of developmental disorders and diseases and to initiate necessary treatment in time. We want to set all children on the right track  by completing  all preventive examinations.
In its child protection law issued in 2009 the Berlin government has decided to remind parents who have missed a preventive examination (U4 to U9) and to offer counseling with the goal to increase participation in the early development screening examinations U4 to U9.

As the monitoring system is a local issue the webpages hereafter remain in German language. You can find the parent information sheet in different languages in our download section.

The FAQ's are available here.


The Central Office is under t: +49 30 450 566 022 or by e-mail at: zentralestelle(at)charite.de reach.